Is There Such a Thing as TOO MUCH CX?

customer experience

An awesome customer experience is something that most companies strive for.  Customer experience can make the difference between you and your closest competitor.  It can win you more deals, gain you more advocates, and longer customer relationships.   But when is it too much?   Where’s the line between overwhelming your customers with onboarding events […]

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Nerding Out to Usage Data for Customer Success

Your product’s usage data is the most powerful data source that a Customer Success professional can leverage.  The data can tell you a plethora of things, from which accounts might be showing signs of churn, to which end users might require training to which features are succeeding or failing.   While powerful, usage data can be […]

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Customer Journey Mapping Made Easy

Customer Journey Map

Like many, I’ve spent countless hours looking for ways to improve my customer’s journey.  It can be challenging to even know where to start.  Rather than tackle the improvements straight away, have you defined your customer journey in the first place? Documenting the entire customer journey from beginning to end can seem a bit overwhelming […]

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Who Should Own Customer Retention?

customer retention

I think we can all agree that Customer Success’ mantra is to drive customer retention.  But is the Customer Success team fully equipped to own and drive customer retention?  Who actually owns customer retention, anyway?   My take on the answer is nobody “owns” retention.  Why?  Because everyone owns it.  Retention depends on contributions from […]

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How To Create Reason Codes For Your NPS® Program

reason codes

This post by Keri Keeling first appeared on MindTouch’s blog as a guest blog article. It is reprinted on the Bluenose Blog with permission. I recently participated in a fantastic conversational webinar with Aaron Fulkerson of MindTouch where we discussed how to set up and scale a Net Promoter Score® program.  During that discussion, we touched on setting up […]

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